Example of Computer Purchase Consultations:

A client was interested in getting a computer, she is an older lady and it would be her first personal computer (uses them at work, etc). She had no idea on where to start or what to get to meet her needs or how she would even order it or get it setup. Where would she go for advice, real honest advice? This is where JimmyCan steps in. 

We sat down and discussed with her what she wanted to do on her computer, how long she wanted to have it, how much she wanted to spend and what other accessories she may need.

We did some research and checking on my resources on the web and found a laptop that did everything she would need and also a few things we could see her moving up to (connecting laptop to an hdtv via hdmi, bluray player).  We also ordered a multi-function printer and scanner and arranged for Comcast internet service to be setup.

The laptop purchase was made by her but with our assistance.  The specs we chose were based on several key things; screen size, non-portability (was not going to move much but may once in a while), pricing, length of ownership (faster processor since you can't upgrade laptops easily), and a few other aesthetic choices.

Once the laptop arrived, we then made an on-site visit to her home and unboxed and assembled the hardware (printer, laptop, wireless router, cablemodem).  Connected up the cable modem and wireless router.  Setup the router with a password and security; also made sure she knew that these were important and to keep a safe record of in a secure place.  Configured and customized laptop with her and also showing her how to use the OS at the same time.  We also helped her setup a Gmail account and walked through using a touchpad for the first time.  We then went through using Windows 7 and installing Office 2010 she got from work and finally walked through using the printer and scanner a few times.  She went from having no internet or computer to a full wireless laptop and setup and printer/scanner.  The best part; she knows how to use it.

Our goal as a company is to help bring technology back to the people by offering personalized on-site visits and consultations.  We take your business personally and also protect your data as if it were our own by abiding by Department of Defense wiping standards of drives that may contain any client data that was temporarily used and confidentiality of any passwords or information used in setup. 

Our pricing is very affordable with general rates in the $50/hour range depending on service request.  We do not profit off of any hardware sold; you pay what we pay.

We do most any personal computer related task from hardware upgrades, computer purchase consultations, mobile phone consultations/setup/training to gaming console purchase setups.  We are by appointment only at the moment.

So the next time you wonder who could do that for you, think.. JimmyCan

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